The Witch is Dead, Now What? – Dealing With the Aftermath of a Bad Boss

It’s finally happened. The unthinkable. The unlikely. The extremely rare! The tyrannical, psychotic bastard (substitute bitch and her as needed) that has been terrorizing employees for years has finally been discovered and removed by his boss. So now what? How do we deal with the wreckage and get everyone back on track? There are unfortunately [...]

My Door is Always Open – The Toxic Impact of Closed Door Meetings

I’ve had the good fortune (or misfortune) to work in a number of unhealthy work environments over my career. Not unhealthy in the physical sense but unhealthy in the Patrick Lencioni sense (think “The Advantage”). Psychologically unhealthy. These environments also included some of the worst managers and poorest leaders I had the pleasure to experience [...]

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Bring Me a Rock – A Popular Management Game You Don’t Want to Play

You’ve probably had the experience where your boss has asked you to do something but no matter what you produce, it doesn’t seem to be acceptable. You then fall into a less than productive cycle of redirection, rework, and redirection until the task is eventually accomplished to the boss’s satisfaction. Let’s look a little deeper [...]

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Make a Difference

Having introduced the concept of Enlightened Project Management the next logical step for me is to give you all some insight into the purpose of this philosophy or more specifically “why I do what I do”. The purpose that drives me can be easily adopted by all of you and applied to help you achieve [...]

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