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Over the years as I’ve been teaching various project management classes I’ve found myself quoting, in class, from the many business or management books that I’ve read. The other thing I’ve noticed is that much of the material in these books has moved me significantly forward along the path towards Enlightened Project Management®. So as I work to become an Enlightened Project Manager I’ve chosen to share this information at every opportunity and with as many people as possible in the hope of helping others to become more successful and happier in their work and in life. In that spirit I’d like to offer you the following:

epm Click here to access the complete Enlightened Project Management ® Booklist. Browse the booklist and read the books that call to you. Apply what you learn to your professional and personal life to help your experiences become more successful and rewarding.

Below are links to websites created by many of the authors on my Enlightened Project Management® Booklist. Visit the sites that appeal to you and use the information found there to enrich your experiences both professionally and personally.

Ben Zander  (awaking possibility in others to develop high performance)   Watch Now

 Shawn Achor  (the role of happiness in performance and success)   Watch Now

Simon Sinek  (defining and promoting purpose to improve performance and satisfaction)   Watch Now

Joseph Grenny/David Maxfield  (VitalSmarts)  Watch Now

Richard Sheridan  (creativity in the workplace)   Watch Now

David Logan  (Tribal Leadership)   Watch Now

Patrick Lencioni  (five dysfunctions of a team)   Watch Now

Ken Blanchard  (collaboration)   Watch Now

Michael Abrashoff  (leadership)   Watch Now

Chip and Dan Heath  (“why change is so hard”)   Watch Now

Tony Hsieh  (Zappos – delivering happiness)   Watch Now

Mike Staver  (leadership)   Watch Now

The Backwards Brain Bicycle (Smarter Every Day)  Watch Now