About Enlightened Project Management

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Many of us spend most of our waking hours at work. We tend to spend more time with our colleagues at work than we do with our family and friends. Yet for many people the workplace experience is an unpleasant one and the workplace culture in many organizations is dysfunctional to say the least. Applying the principles of Enlightened Project Management® will help you to have a happy, rewarding and successful work experience no matter what your role in the workplace.

Enlightened Project Management® was initially developed to provide project managers with the skills needed to have a successful and rewarding work experience and to enable them to help their organization develop a healthy and productive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

The principles of Enlightened Project Management® are not just useful for project managers but are appropriate and valuable for anyone who interacts with people in the workplace. These principles address emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, communication skills and many other areas that all of us use everyday with a focus on professional as well as personal growth. Learn and practice these skills and you’ll have a more enjoyable and successful work (and life) experience.