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101 Tips for the Enlightened Project Manager provides the knowledge, tools, and techniques to start you on the path towards enlightened project management. Applying just some of the tips from the book will significantly improve the performance of you and your team in ways that will be noticed by others in the organization. In addition to improved performance, you and your team will have a much more rewarding and satisfying work experience and will be contributing to the continued success and growth of your organization.

  • Have you ever worked in an environment where there never seems to be enough time or people to adequately handle the workload?
  • Have you ever heard “everything costs more than they tell me it will cost and everything takes longer than they say it will take”?
  • Have you ever worked in an organization suffering from low morale and high turnover?
  • Do your people trust you and do you trust your management?

Enlightened Project Management® addresses the issues that cause much of the stress and less than optimal performance experienced by project managers and their teams. Most of the pain we experience as project managers is self-inflicted and can be remedied by applying the tools and techniques of Enlightened Project Management®. By becoming an Enlightened Project Manager you will not only significantly improve the performance of your team but you will help to improve the workplace environment making your organization more successful and its employees happier and more productive.

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