Allies and Enemies are Common at Work – Friends Much Less So

This is something most of us experience from time to time in the workplace. No matter how much we think we know or how much experience we have we’re still likely to make this mistake occasionally. The mistake of course is confusing friends with coworkers. There’s a big difference between friends and coworkers and to [...]

My Door is Always Open – The Toxic Impact of Closed Door Meetings

I’ve had the good fortune (or misfortune) to work in a number of unhealthy work environments over my career. Not unhealthy in the physical sense but unhealthy in the Patrick Lencioni sense (think “The Advantage”). Psychologically unhealthy. These environments also included some of the worst managers and poorest leaders I had the pleasure to experience [...]

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Overcoming Resistance to Change – Is Your Suggestion Being Resisted or Is There Something Else Going On?

This is something I often hear not only from my students, but also from audience members at events where I speak. Someone will tell me they learned something in a class or heard something in a presentation that exactly addressed a problem they were experiencing in the workplace. Energized by the new knowledge, they’d go [...]

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