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The Witch is Dead, Now What? – Dealing With the Aftermath of a Bad Boss

It’s finally happened. The unthinkable. The unlikely. The extremely rare! The tyrannical, psychotic bastard (substitute bitch and her as needed) that has been terrorizing employees for years has finally been discovered and removed by his boss. So now what? How do we deal with the wreckage and get everyone back on track? There are unfortunately [...]

Defining the Current State – The First Step in Improving Your Situation

Most leaders want to improve their workplace environment. Improve morale, improve productivity, improve profitability, and increase the general success of the organization. Implementing any improvement program requires that you first understand the current state, which in turn requires you to be able to measure the current state. When helping a client establish formal project management [...]

Gallows Humor Can Be a Powerful Force in the Workplace – Managers Beware

I’ve had the good fortune (or misfortune) to work in a number of dysfunctional unhealthy workplace environments over the course of my career. I say “good fortune” in the context of having the opportunity to experience first hand some of the bad manager behaviors that, in my current career, I try to teach people how [...]

Time is Much More Than Money – Spend Yours Wisely

As we get older we become more aware of certain things. For me, one of those things is the finite quality of time. I now seem to be more aware that the time I have left to live is limited (hopefully not severely limited, but limited just the same). With that realization I now pay [...]

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Working Remotely – Should the Team Be Allowed To Work From Home?

It’s surprising to see how long it takes for an old, bad habit to die out. The resistance to allowing people to work from home is one that we should have been over a long time ago. The knee jerk reaction to this subject is mostly the result of management ideas that are holdovers from [...]

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The Power of Giving Back – How Volunteering Can Benefit Your Career and Your Personal Life

With the holidays fast approaching I thought this would be a great time to address the subject of volunteerism. Volunteering is rewarding on many levels. On the personal level it provides an opportunity to pursue areas of interest and to help others. On the professional level volunteering allows those of us who are more experienced [...]

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Unproductive Rituals – Is This Meeting Really Necessary?

Something that I used to hear regularly in the workplace was “I didn’t get anything done, I’ve been in meetings all day”. I always found that a little humorous since as mangers or leaders “meetings” are what we do. Still there is a difference between participating in a productive meeting and enduring one that is [...]

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Six Degrees of Separation – You Have More Influence Than You Think

Six Degrees of Separation. Most of you have probably heard this phrase before. Some of you may remember a game from your college days involving this phrase and Kevin Bacon. For those who don’t fall into either category we have some information. The phrase basically promotes the theory that we are all separated from one [...]

Bring Me a Rock – A Popular Management Game You Don’t Want to Play

You’ve probably had the experience where your boss has asked you to do something but no matter what you produce, it doesn’t seem to be acceptable. You then fall into a less than productive cycle of redirection, rework, and redirection until the task is eventually accomplished to the boss’s satisfaction. Let’s look a little deeper [...]

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Explanatory Style – How to More Quickly Recover From Setbacks

We all suffer setbacks at work (and in life) from time to time. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to bounce back quickly while others fall into a tailspin and take much longer to recover? Understanding how you react to setbacks will enable you to put yourself in the group that recovers quickly [...]

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