My First Blog Post – An Introduction to Enlightened Project Management

My First Blog Post – An Introduction to Enlightened Project Management

Finally after years of avoiding this I’ve got my blog up and running and I’m writing my first post. Since there is only one first time for anything this is something I’ll have forever, for better or worse, so here goes.

My purpose today is to introduce you to the concept of Enlightened Project Management and to show you why you’ll find the information going forward on this blog not only interesting but also extremely valuable regardless of what you may do for a living.

I spent 23 years in the workforce and while I always enjoyed the work I was doing , and most of the people with whom I worked, I was never happy in the workplace. I found that the source of my unhappiness was the workplace culture and the level of dysfunction that seemed to exist in most of the organizations in which I worked. For a long time I thought it was me and I would change jobs every year or two but I would find the same issues at each organization. I finally came to realize that it was them not me, the fish wasn’t sick the water was dirty.

I train about 500 project managers each year and the feedback I get in the classroom confirms that dysfunctional workplace cultures are widespread (the level of dysfunction varies with some places being worse than others) and exist throughout all industries. It also confirms that most people aren’t particularly happy at work even though most enjoy what they do. Many people spend most of their waking hours at work and should not have to spend that time in an unpleasant environment.

At this point in my life I finally have a solid understanding of why dysfunctional cultures persist in the workplace, something I didn’t have when I was working. The other realization I came to is that the dysfunction is 100% fixable. Therefore I’ve decided to dedicate my time to giving people the knowledge they need to change the workplace so that their work experience can be happy and rewarding as it should be.

Enlightened Project Management focuses on the interactions between people in the workplace as people create the culture and how we interact with one another determines whether we have a healthy culture or a dysfunctional one. You can expect to see the following topics as well as many others addressed in future posts:

  • Workplace Culture
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Project Management Hard Skills (occasionally)
  • Motivation and Happiness
  • Leadership and Management

In closing I’d like to invite you to follow my blog regularly. I plan to post weekly, sometimes more often, and I’ll try to provide content that is not only interesting and fun to read but which also contains tips that are easy to apply in both your personal and professional life. I’d also like to invite you to explore the rest of this site as it is full of information that I hope will make a difference in your life.


©2016 Joseph T Drammissi

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